01 May 2013

Christmas 2012

Here we are with all the special gifts we picked out. It was so much fun!

We spent Christmas Eve and Day down at my parent's house. Here we are bundling Asher up so he could go and throw some magic Reindeer food on the grass.
We had dozens of homemade cookies, but Asher was very specific that he wanted to leave out the Christmas Oreos for Santa.
I don't remember why he started crying, but seriously? Who cries when putting out cookies for Santa? Maybe he was scared all he would get was coal...
NOOOO!!!! Not coal!!

Pointing very sadly at the cookies.
Good thing I am so dang funny and got the kid to laugh. Otherwise I'm pretty sure Christmas would have been ruined.
Christmas morning...
Doing the happy dance??

We went up the hill for a special visit to Ember's tree. Having too much fun to take a serious picture.
Another face...
Ok, that's better!
This is totally unrelated to Christmas, but Asher spent pretty much every night in December sleeping anywhere but in his bed. I have no idea why. As you can see he brought half his bedroom to the hallway most of the time.

And our beautiful gingerbread house. I found the perfect pattern online. I love how big the roof is! (and it has a chimney!)

Merry Christmas!

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Maren B said...

That's so sweet and such a good idea. I'm glad those ladies could sympathize and uplift you.