01 May 2013

Christmas 2012

Here we are with all the special gifts we picked out. It was so much fun!

We spent Christmas Eve and Day down at my parent's house. Here we are bundling Asher up so he could go and throw some magic Reindeer food on the grass.
We had dozens of homemade cookies, but Asher was very specific that he wanted to leave out the Christmas Oreos for Santa.
I don't remember why he started crying, but seriously? Who cries when putting out cookies for Santa? Maybe he was scared all he would get was coal...
NOOOO!!!! Not coal!!

Pointing very sadly at the cookies.
Good thing I am so dang funny and got the kid to laugh. Otherwise I'm pretty sure Christmas would have been ruined.
Christmas morning...
Doing the happy dance??

We went up the hill for a special visit to Ember's tree. Having too much fun to take a serious picture.
Another face...
Ok, that's better!
This is totally unrelated to Christmas, but Asher spent pretty much every night in December sleeping anywhere but in his bed. I have no idea why. As you can see he brought half his bedroom to the hallway most of the time.

And our beautiful gingerbread house. I found the perfect pattern online. I love how big the roof is! (and it has a chimney!)

Merry Christmas!

22 February 2013

Asher turns 4

Asher had his first official birthday party this year. I had no idea what I was doing. I learned a lot from the experience. I put WAY too much work into a party for a bunch of toddlers. I enjoyed the prep because I'm a nerd like that, but the kids really didn't give a hoot about the games, etc. Most of his friends his age had moved within weeks of his birthday (such is military life during the summer) so most of his party guests were a year or so younger than him. Asher had a great time though which I guess is the point.

We spent his actual birthday in California with my sisters and their families. Asher and his cousin share their birthday so it was fun to celebrate together. Birthday buddies!

 Birthday breakfast. Blue pancakes with purple whipped cream?? I know, we are party animals!

 Happy birthday to you!

 Ummm Angel Food cake is GOOD!
I made these Avenger's for his birthday cake for the party. I don't know where the other pictures are from his party but I am pretty proud of these guys so I'm glad I have a picture. If I find the other party pictures I will post them later.

Summer Summary. Mostly randoms.

We adopted our dog Addie over Memorial Day weekend.
 Sometimes she acts like a cat.
 But, she's always cute and rarely annoys me which is pretty amazing.
 And, I'm not trying to brag but she's pretty obsessed with me.
 I got this for free on the side of the road. The drawers were a little messed up and I had been wanting a garden bench to use for storage so...
 I turned it into this for next to nothing.
 My hair was really getting long and I was really getting tired of it so I cut it off and donated it. Yay!

 Aunt Lisa and cousins came to visit and this is Dylan on July 4th at a pie eating contest. All the boys did it but for some reason i only have a picture of him. Asher gave up after about one bite, but the other boys tried really hard. It was hi-larious.
 I'm pretty sure it's against some kind of rule, but I couldn't resist taking this photo of my boys during sacrament meeting. They are just so handsome.
 We started experiencing mood swings which is apparently not that uncommon around Asher's age.
 And it's usually because THIS needs to happen.
 Went to the Air Show on base.
Went to a Mariner's game.

 Went to one of our favorite summertime places Sauvie Island Farms and did a bunch of canning.
 Played and tubed down the Washougal River.
 Enjoyed some sunny days!
 Asher with his BFF Arianna. I babysit her everyday during the summer. Yes, she is wearing his swim clothes because she didn't have hers that day. We were just in the backyard enjoying the Avenger's pool and my new hammock.
 Splash pad!!

Looking at these pictures reminds me of how lucky I am. It has been a great year. Honestly, I spent most of it feeling like I was living in an emotional fog. It wasn't until I started coming out of it that I realized it had been happening. But, I am grateful for all the good times we've had!